Getting Started with Xbee

Hello, I recently purchased two Xbee S1 modules and 2 seedstudio Xbee shields (v2.1);
I am attempting to use them to remotely monitor the temperature in a room, but first I wanted to try to get basic messages across.

I don't have an Xbee Explorer, so I use a spare Arduino Uno R3 with the ATMEGA328 removed. Using this setup, I can successfully use X-CTU to connect to each XBee.

My problem, is that I cannot receive or transmit anything from one XBee until the other, until I issue the ATRE command. If I connect both XBees to different computers, each using an Arduino with no ATMEGA installed, No messages will transmit through the terminal to the other XBee, until I do:


After performing the reset, each XBee will communicate fine, but I have to do this every time the XBee is power cycled.

I have tried entering command mode and issuing the ATRE command in an Arduino sketch, but to no avail. No response from the XBee. It seems as soon as the ATMEGA is installed into the Arduino, the XBee goes silent. I have tried hardware serial and software serial.

Here is my sketch for sending data over the XBee:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial xbee(2,3); //RX=2,TX=3

void setup() {
  xbee.begin(9600); //Confirmed baud rate:9600

void loop() {

Sorry for the long winded question, I want to provide as many details as possible, and see if I am actually missing something obvious.


void loop() {

What is on the other end of the radio link? Where are you expecting to see this message?

Typically, you use SoftwareSerial to make the XBee send/receive data, and Serial to send that data the PC.

Sorry, I forgot to explain that part of my setup.

The other radio is connected to the computer (no Arduino) and I'm watching X-CTU's Terminal.

I've have tried using SoftwareSerial to listen on the other end to no avail.

and 2 seedstudio Xbee shields (v2.1);

Your "links" don't work.

From "my" experience, SoftSerial is a big piece of crap that doesn't work worth poo [although other people will disagree]. No one seems to know how to write it correctly. It will do some simple things, but is nothing close to being adequate for UART style 2-way comms. I would suggest:

  1. getting a mega2560 board as your Hub node, then you can connect XBee
    to one of the spare hardware UARTs. Then you don't need SoftSerial.

  2. on the UNO node, which has only 1 h.w. UART, you'll need to wire XBee to the
    regular Rx,Tx pins (D0,D1) to use, and disconnect whenever you want to
    connect the PC for debugging, as you cannot connect both the PC via USB and
    the XBee simultaneously to Rx,Tx.

Life will also be much more fun. I don't know about the ATRE problem, I've never had to do that.

Hi, I'm practically new with arduino and I would like to know if one of the xbee modules is implementing zigbee ip because I want to develop a proyect but I can't find any information about it. Do you know where I can see that type of information?