getting the position of the motor

i am using a stepper motor : 17HS2408 i need a setup to get the position of the servo at all times , very similar to what's used in servos . i need something that's widely available (parts that i can easily access) + i can 3D print parts . this will probably need a pot , but the motor needs to turn 360 degrees so that's a problem .

thank you

You can get servo pots you know, not cheap but they will do the job. Or you could use a magnetic Hall effect rotary encoder, rather a bit cheaper.

Normally, you'd use a "home" position sensor (typically an [u]opto-switch[/u]) or sometimes two limit-switches/sensors. If you have pulleys and linear motion, it's likely that you'll need two limit switches.

You search for the "home" position at boot-up (sometimes more frequently) and then you always know where you are by simply counting the steps.