Getting 'TKD2' not declared in this scope error using IRremote library

I’m testing the IRrecvDemo example in the IRremote library. Changed receive pin and Serial baud rate only.

Getting ‘TKD2’ not declared in this scope error from RobotIRremote library.

Any suggestions.

Thanks, Theron Wierenga

Since you haven't done that many posts, perhaps you missed reading the two posts at the top of this Forum by Nick Gammon. One of the things he says there is, to save time for the readers, post your code as part of the question. Reading a little further, he tells you how to format the code and then use code tags when posting it. Without seeing the code, it's very hard for us to help you. My guess is that you don't have the TKD library installed incorrectly, but I can't tell for sure since the code's not posted.

Google this error, you will find the cause and a fix.