Getting Universal G-code sender to connect to Arduino with GRBL


I am new to this forum, but not new to Arduino. I am building an Arduino based router using GRBL.

I have successfully downloaded GRBL to my Arduino. If I connect to it using Arduino Serial Terminal and send a $, I get the expected help information back. I have also downloaded (various versions) of the Universal G-Code Sender to my PC with the intention of also sending a $ to verify connection. When I set up the proper port and baud rate (just as I do in the Arduino terminal), on the main screen and then click the connect button, Universal G-Code sender simply closes and ends execution. I have tried this with various versions G-code sender with the same results.

How do I go about figuring out what is wrong?


George Clay

I found something from source rabbit called SourceRabbit G-Code Sender, and I installed it. The UI looks a lot like the UI for the Universal G-Code Sender. When I installed it and ran it, selected the correct Port and Baud rate and sent a $, it responded as I expected.

I don't know much about the sophistication of these Public Domain G-code senders. I am a retired Software developer and Integrator, and am quite fluent in C++ and Java. Should I

  1. Use Source Rabbit because it seems to work, and the G-Code sender is not that sophisticated so any one I can get to work is OK

  2. Get Universal G-Code sender or some other more respected package and put the effort into it to get it to work

  3. Develop my own G-Code Sender, because I can easily write it for my specific environment, and it isn't that sophisticated a piece of software anyway

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


George Clay