getting unspecified error while using HC-05 "Error (1F)"

I want to use HC 05 to scan and list out all available Bluetooth device, so firstly i was trying to use AT commands for this then i will include these commands in code and complete it but the major issue i am facing is with "AT+INQ" AT command where whenever i type this command it shows me an "ERROR (1F)" which is also not mentioned in the datasheet of HC- 05. I have passed all required AT commands before passing AT+INQ below i have written the flow of AT commands AT AT+NAME AT+VERSION AT+ROLE=1 I have also tried this AT+ROLE=0 AT+CMODE=1 AT+CLASS=0 AT+IAC=9e8b33 I have also tried this AT+IAC=00 AT+INQM=1,1,30 I have also tried this "AT+INQM=1,5,30;AT+INQM=1,9,30;AT+INQM=1,9,48; AT+INIT

Till this all works fine and i Also get perfect response and then finally when i give AT+INQ i get the ERROR:(1F)

Any luck?