getting usb splitter to work with Arduino Yun

I'm trying to use two usb serial devices with my yun. Both usb devices (a gps serial device and a rgb led) have been tested to work individually.

When I plug in the splitter, to start, my blink(1) mk2 ( starts flashing in red, green, blue, white, repetitively. I think this means the device is only connected to power, I believe this because when I plug it into the usb port proper it doesn't do this. Regardless, once plugged into the splitter, when I try to control the light it tells me there are no blink(1) devices connected.

Same goes for the gps device, can't read from it.

Are there any packages I need to download to get multiple usb devices working through a splitter with the Yun?


What do you mean by "splitter"? Are you talking about a USB hub? Is it powered?

The USB host port has a limited amount of power it can supply. It's likely not enough to power two devices without using a powered USB hub.

I didn't have to load any special software or drivers to use a powered hub to simultaneously access a couple bar code scanners.

Turns out it was a windows-only hub. Got a mac-friendly hub and it worked