Getting X10 to work

Hi, I'm having a heck of a time getting X10 control to work. I've got an X10 two-way TW523 and an X10 lamp module. Followed all the instructions along with both an old arduino and the new one, no luck unfortunately.

Has anyone gotten this to work with the TW523 or have any pointers.

Thanks for the Help


What code are you using to control it?

thanks, just using the example code from the download

#include <x10.h>
#include <x10constants.h>

#define zcPin 2
#define dataPin 3

// set up a new x10 instance:
x10 myHouse = x10(zcPin, dataPin);

void setup() {
// send a “Lights ON” command 3 times:
myHouse.write(A, ON,3);

void loop() {
Serial.println(“Lights up:”);
// send a “lights BRIGHT” command 19 times:
myHouse.write(A, BRIGHT,19);

Serial.println(“Lights down:”);
// send a “lights DIM” command 19 times:
myHouse.write(A, DIM,19);

OK, do you have the x10 library installed and your lamp module set to house code A? Does the program compile and load to the arduino and what happens next?

Hi, thanks again. Yes have all that, library copied and it compiles, house code left as default on A, when I run, nothing happens