Getting Xbee id while in IR sampling

Hello everyone,

I have two sensors connected to the adc inputs on two different xbee 3s. Each xbee is sending the adc value to an xbee connected to an arduino mega. Everything works fine except that I can not figure out how to identify which packet is coming from which xbee/sensor. I figured out how to get the adc data using this page and other forums but can not seem to do the same for any id parameter. Any help would be appreciated!

The Digi tutorial at Digital and analog sampling using XBee radios | Digi International shows you how to read the response frame. The address fields are included with the ADC measurement data.

Are you decoding the raw frame data yourself, or are you using a library to do it for you?

Thanks for the response. I am decoding the frame data myself because it seemed like it should be straightforward and because eventually I was thinking of using the Xbees with a custom pcb and wanted more flexibility. Also most forum posts on the topic didn’t mention using an external library so it frankly didn’t occur to me haha but perhaps I could look at the library code and see how they decode the data.