Getting Xbee Pro talking to standard Xbee;s

I recently ordered two Xbee Pros (From SparkFun, XBee Pro 63mW Wire Antenna - Series 2B (ZigBee Mesh) - WRL-10421 - SparkFun Electronics) with the plan to use them for a coordinator and a remote control device, along with a couple standard Xbee's I have which would be used for sensor nodes and routers.

The Pro's are model XBP24-B27WIT-004-revE, running firmware XBP24BSE with the most recent version.
The non-Pro's are model XB24-Z7WIT-004-revD1, running firmware XB24-ZB with the most recent version.

Using identical configuration steps I can get the Pro's to talk to each other in AT mode (using CoolTerm), and I can get the non-Pro's to talk to each other, but nothing I seem to be able to do will get the Pro's talking to the non-Pros. Are these models just incompatible somehow? The Sparkfun page says the Pro's aren't compatible with series 2.5 models, but I'm almost certain my non-Pro's are Series 2 which should work.

Any advice would be appreciated.