ghetto-blaster with adressable LED


I don't find a presentation topic so let me introduce myself :

I'm a french miller of 23 yo, I had a 500CX honda, I like free party, paraglider, catacombs and stuf..

I offen go into the catacombs and that's why i decided to built myself a ghetto blaster! This is the 4th version! That's why i want it awsome!!

so : at this time it look like this :

The specifications :

Li Fe 12v batterie 30W stéréo car amplifier 2 speakers (3l/box) rvb annalog strip (with common driver)

what I wanna do in the order:

-had adressable led (LPD8806 I think) -controll them with the fonction i will explain under -had a visu LCD with a menu to choose led fonction -see on the LCD the voltage intensity and power/h (voltage*Intensity*time) -had it (the LCD screen) on a remote (HF with low frequence of refreshment) -control the volume with it -had an equaliser (but it looks hard)

the led functions i want has to go with the music. -manual (choose level of R/G/B) -strobo -psychedelic (cool, sweet) -dubstep (random collor every where) -ambiance -vumetre

and all the other stuf we can already found on the free web !

I know it will be long, i'm going to do it step by step on a box and then when i will be proud of it, put it on the ghetto blaster ! I want to begin with the led part,(this is my first function) the rest will go after.

I had already use I2C, but a long time ago so if you know some cool/funny tuto ? I had some electronic basement

I had a arduino UNO


sorry for my english, that's how froggies fuck it up !

oh, my old post, i fount you back,

-digital led driving : -power control that show how much power i have already used, and control the charge of the li-fe battery. -LCD screen to controll the light and see the power info. I was thinking about using an encoder wheel and 2 buttons as my joystick in the menu.

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Okay, you have an addressible LED strip.
You have an Arduino.
You have a 5 volt power supply?

First things first: Can you make the strip light up?

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