Hi all,

I have recently aquired a new TFT screen ( this one through a package of random electronic components brought on line.

I see looking at it’s specifications it’s designed to be used with a Fez Cobra, but does anyone know if it’d be possible to get it running with an Arduino Mega 2560?

I am guessing probably not, but thought it may be worth asking.

Many thanks in advance


Looks like a 18Bit parallel panel. You could do some test patterns if you programmed with Assembly bits of code, but you'll never have enough memory or processing power to use it properly. You'll need an ARM processor with more grunt to push put data at a 25 MHz clock.

// Per.

Thanks for the clarification Zapro, I guess it’ll be pretty useless I can find a Fez Cobra somewhere. Luckily there was enough other good stuff in the box to make the purchase worthwhile :slight_smile: