Gibberish running ASCIITable through Bluetooth****Solved****

Arduino Mini Pro 3.3V ATmega328 Bluetooth module is a Roving Network: Arduino0022

Running ASCIITable sketch with desktop.

Open serial monitor (Arduino0022) on Aspire One with Bluetooth.

I have changed the baud rate in the serial monitor and the COM port but I end up with this:


The default baud rate on the bluetooth module is 115200. Could this be the problem?

I have no programing or electronics experience. Heck, I am amazed that I have got this far...LOL

Any help is appreciated.



I have changed the baud rate in the serial monitor and the COM port but I end up with this:

Changed it to what?

What code are you running?

I am running the ASCIITable sketch from the Examples in the Arduino IDE. I ran from the IDE on my desktop PC and it worked well. I ran it on the IDE on my laptop and it ran fine as well. In both cases when I opened up the serial monitor the ASCII table was generated.

Next I tried to see if I could get the bluetooth module to communicate with the bluetooth in my laptop.

I upload the program to my Arduino mini pro off of my desktop PC. I have wired the TX on the mini pro to the RX on the bluetooth module, and the RX on the mini to the TX on the Bluetooth module on a breadboard.

I turn on the bluetooth on my laptop and open the IDE and then the serial monitor. Serial monitor shows COM10 which is the same as my bluetooth.

When I upload the sketch on the PC to the mini, I get "gibberish" in the serial monitor on the laptop. I changed the baud rate on the serial monitor on the laptop to various speeds while changingthe baud rate in the COM10 to the same speed (serial baud rate 115200, COM10 rate 115200, serial 9600, COM10 9600 etc.).

The default baud rate of the bluetooth module is 115200 and I suspect that this is the problem.

In the command sheet it shows that a HIGH on PIO7 will change the baud rate to 9600. I will give that a try and make sure both COM10 and serial port baud rates are set at 9600.

Sorry for the long explanation, I am trying to give you the pertinent information.

Thank you,

Paul Hirst

Changed the baud rate on the bluetooth from 115200 to 9600 by wiring 3.3v to pin4 of the module (pin5 on the breakout).

ASCII Table was displayed in the serial monitor without a problem via bluetooth.

Paul Hirst