Gig for Hire: Bill Acceptor with a web page

I am trying to building something. I need some help and am willing to pay for the help.

I want to be able to go to a HTML page in a browser. The page says 'Enter cash now' Money is inserted into a bill acceptor and the html page shows the amount of the bills entered. [There is more to my little project, but this is my starting point]

I understand the basics, reading the pulses of the bill acceptor and setting a html server with the ethernet shield. I am having trouble putting it altogether. Since this is the start of what I want to do, I think my best approach is to get this part working and then learn/modify it from there.

I have a MEI SC advance bill acceptor I got off of ebay. I can purchase whatever aurdino shields etc you think I would need.

I would like to get this running in the next two weeks.


what are you willing to pay ?

Your requirments are not very explicit. I can hep you with this perhaps but i would need more information.

Cheers Pete.