Gig for Hire: LED wallclock


I've built a prototype of a wallclock that displays time using LEDs. I am liking the "raw" prototyping on Arduino, but finding problems tuning my prototype and turning it into a PCB. I'm a newbie, and once I went into eagle to design my PCB, I failed.

I'd be grateful if one of you could act as an advisor, by looking at my work (Hardware design and Software), re-adapting it as i'm sure my work is not optimized, and has some flaws. It's a simple timer that triggers a total of 24 LEDs in some order to display light. Once this is done, I'd appreciate assisting me in building several PCBs in an adaptive way, which I will assemble in custom made 3D chassis. I'll be requiring you to build, test, and ship the PCBs.

I'd be glad to pay for your efforts. Message me if you're interested.
Many thanks!

My board design runs these digital swimming pace clocks.
I'm up to the effort.

Are you still around? Your clock has been ready to ship for a while. Please contact me.