Github question?

Hi, I was wondering if you can use github to pull update code from a repository? So I.E everytime the arduino or clone starts up, it updates the code from the repo? similar to the apt-get update in linux? Ethernet would be used as well.

If the Ardino is running Linux, yes, I don't see why not

So arduino yun, or galileo?

I don't have either, so I can't say, but I'd like to think so.

You can't do it n the other arduinos because it's code is in flash based memory and that can't be updated when running except by code in the boot loader partition.

ilovearduinosomuch: everytime the arduino or clone starts up, it updates the code from the repo?

You mean you want the Arduino to install an updated sketch on itself? That would have to be done through something else. Assuming what you put on Github is the source, you'd need to have some application running on another device acted as a manager it would need to detect the source updates, recompile the sketch and then decide when to upload it to the Arduino. If you want that upload to be triggered by an Arduino reset it would require the Arduino to notify the manager device that it has started up (and presumably which version of the sketch is running), so that the manager can decide whether it needs to be updated. There are build tools specifically designed to keep a built application up to date relative to a repository and other tools designed to manage the deployment as the application is updated, so if you wanted something fancy that would all be feasible. But for a simpler solution you could just update the source hierarchy on a scheduled basis and use make to decide when to rebuild it, and then have a DIY application that worked together with the sketch to work out what version of a sketch is running and perform the upload if necessary.