Giving arduino commands over internet?

Hello, I am working on a sort of telepresence project. The idea came to me while being stationed overseas for 2 years and not being able to see my family and friends in that time. The idea is pretty simple. I want to mount a netbook on robot frame which would take care of the Wifi, webcam and screen portion of the project. I could simply use skype to view and be viewed. The part of the project I need help with is sending commands from my computer over to that netbook to be sent to an arduino. Since I do not know the IP addresses or anything about the network I would be sending it to (my parents wouldn’t be able to figure it out either :grin: ) I was wondering if there would be a way to use the messenger function of skype to “copy and paste” commands into the serial terminal in Arduinos IDE. It would have to be all automated of course. That would make it so all they have to do on the other end is open the netbook, log into skype, maybe write a program so arduino automatically starts and runs the sketch and whatever program needed to transfer the commands to the IDE. Could anyone give a hand?

check the site - - it will make a host address which can be mapped upon a router port of your parents router. Portforwarding in the router to the right PC (no DHCP but fixed local IP for that one) should do the rest.

as alternative you can use hamachi ( , it creates a VPN and the netbook will appear as if it is on your LAN. quite easy from there...

How can i use Hamachi with my Arduino Yun? I'm a new to Arduino World. I use Hamachi with my Raspberry Pi. However, I'm not sure how to install Hamachi in Arduino Yun. Any help would be much appreciated.