Gizduino X (Atmega1281) with 2.4 TFT LCD(ILI9325)

need help guys i've been having some problems connecting this two.. first when trying out for the basic examples for the original(non-modified) libraries of adafuit.. i always get a lcd id reading of 0

Unknown LCD Driver Chip 0

then i found this LCD ID Reader: from the provided information on the serial monitor i was able to found out that i am using a lcd id 9325 or ILI9325 LCD.. i tried to follow the steps provided on their website but i still fail :(

Now im trying to use the UTFT library only to found out that the UTFT can only handle the Atmega1280 but not the 1281(gizduino x - a local board here in the Philippines)

any idea guys to help me out i been trying out this board and lcd :(