Glasgow / Central Scotland, anyone?

Anyone scottish here? I know there's arduino users in scotland, don't really know where though!

I'm at glasgow uni

You, sir, are not half bad 8)


I am also from Glasgow and a recent user of Arduino.

I would like to get an Arduino specific group together. In the CCA on Sauchiehall street there is a meeting space for electronics enthusiasts which goes by the name of the Electron Club

I have at least one other person who has indicated that a June meet is possible for them, but if you wanted to try and get something together before then, there is a good chance I will be free. The Electron club recently did a freeduino building class so there are others who have access to the platform

Thinking along the lines of a workshop or show and tell type event? Fancy it...

The club has a mailing list, I would recommend joining up, they have a meeting room that can be booked.

Hey Guys,

I'll be getting my arduino starter kit within the next few weeks and was looking to find out if there is anyone in and around glasgow that is just starting off like me or experienced to give a few pointers?



Organising a Glasgow meetup on the 2nd July, more details on the above link...