Glasgow Scotland - Open Source Hardware meetup 6 - october glasgow city centre

This is the third meet up of the glasgow open source hardware group (goshg).

We are a friendly group with and interested in building open source hardware centred round arduino board. We have an number of proposed pojects.

Reprap . A reprap is a 3d printer, it has been getting more capable over the last few years though there is lots of development to do. The central idea of a rep rap is that it should be able to build its self as well as lots of over things, coat-hangers, door stops, really anything you can 6 think of. Music created using an arduino board. We a considering also building a quad copter. Something like this Anything else you might like to do.

Meeting from 7.00pm till 9.00pm

Thursday, 6 october , 2011

The Electron Club

CCA (Second floor, buzz to get in) 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 3JD


A shame I missed this message. I ordered my first Arduino board last week to play around. I live in G78.

Please let me know when you organize another meetup.


Missed the 1st one, never knew about the 2nd one .. and just read about the 3rd meet up ... hmmm I'm not having much luck at this lol


The next meeting will be on October 27th at Electron Club, CCA from 7 till 9.

Hope those who missed them before can make it this time.


We will be meeting up again this thursday the 17th.

We meet up in the CCA in Glasgow at the electron club.

Meetings are posted here.

We are making good progress in getting the parts to build our first project a 3d printer the reprap. We really like the arduino on its own as well so if you have a project or just want to get involved…

Are website is:-
Though mostly we chat on the via the email.

All are welcome.

keep up to date with arduino projects & events in the UK, feel free to join and share :