Glass front panel with backlight buttons

There's cheap illuminated capacitive touch switches available. How can they be used on a glass or acrylic panel?


There's so many different printing options that I don't know what to type in.

Surely there's some cheap way to go about it that looks great. Silk screen printing looks like the standard but that goes a bit beyond a simple one off project.

I'm thinking some sort of mask with a led diffusing film behind.

  • You can get artwork printed on glass very cheaply. I don't know if they allow transparent areas so it can be a mask.
  • Vinyl stickers - most places want 100+ ordered.
  • Transparency sheets like old projectors use can be printed on home printers.


You can buy adhesive vinyl sheet and cut it manually with a craft knife. You can use it as a sticker, or as a paint mask.

How about finding someone that has a CNC etching laser. Perhaps somebody doing something by eMail.

Paint a piece of glass and have your design(s) paint lasered off? Use it with the paint on the back side of the glass.

Could also be Lexan.

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