GLCD 192x64

I have this problem, i connect LCD with MEGA and load default "hello word" strech and I don' have problem, if i change config with #include "config/ks0108-192x64_Panel.h" , the display is dead, the same problem i have with if I change only #define DISPLAY_WIDTH 128 to #define DISPLAY_WIDTH 192 in ks108_panel.h I can not understand what mistake.

ks0108 displays consist of 64x64 pixel areas each control by separate chips on the module. How those individual chips are selected varies as not all modules are the same. Not only can there be a different number of chips (128x64 is 2 chips vs 192x64 is 3 chips) but the number of electrical connections to control those chips and how they are used can vary. For example, some 192x64 use 3 chip select signals, and some use only 2.

The configuration files that come with the library configure the library for these differences. The default 128x64 configuration file is set up work with most 192x64 displays so that there will be something on the display. The display might be ok for the 128x64 area or the pixels might be shifted or split, but it was designed to try to put something on display.

In order to get everything configured properly, you must have an accurate datasheet for the display that you have. The datasheet will show the pinouts and whether there are 2 chipselect wires or 3 chipselect wires as well as signal levels needed on those wires to select the chips.

Once you have that, you can either pick a configuration file that matches your datasheet or modify one to match your datasheet.

It isn't as simply as just modifying the DISPLAY_WIDTH parameter or picking another configuration file since the other parameters like the number of chipselect wires or the signals used on them may not match your display. For example, the NBR_CHIP_SELECT_PINS must match the number of chip select wires used on your display.

I no longer support the GLCD library and have moved on to openGLCD. openGLCD is GPL v3 library that is a superset of the GLCD library and has many new features as well as bug fixes. If you want to switch to that library instead, I can provide further help.

Here is a link to the openGLCD library repository:

--- bill