GLCD 3 library and glcdMakeBitmap.jar

Hi, Been using GLCD 3 library with SparkFun GLCD, and using Photoshop to make bitmaps and convert using glcdMakeBitmap.jar. Everything OK, until I recently created a new set of bitmaps exactly the same methods/properties as ones I made before ( 128x64, monochrome ). On uploading to the Arduino 328 ( and a Seeduino V328 board ), I get this exact same error every time:

Binary sketch size: 7056 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum) avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0282 0xff != 0xf0 avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

The propgram runs on both Arduino and Seeduino boards but when the bitmap is displayed it is partly screwed up, in fact it displays a part of a bitmap that is still in flash memory from a previous upload. Loading any of the other bitmaps again and everything works as it should. I've compared the .h files of the 'dodgy' bitmaps produced by glcdMakeBitmap.jar with the others and can find no anomalies. Whats going on..? Why should some bitmaps work and others not? Anyone else have this problem? I'm stuck until I can solve this, any help greatfully appreciated... :)


Sorry I missed this.
I don’t monitor the Arduino forum threads much so
this is probably better handled on the GLCD V3 beta thread: which I do monitor.

At first glance the avrdude errors are a bit of a concern as at
first glance it would look like a flash upload problem.
But given it seems to work ok with other bitmaps something else must be triggering the error.
There is some special code inside avrdude that tries to be “smart” by detecting pages of 0xff and not erase them and re-burn them.
Not sure if that is getting confused, but we need to track down the avrdude issues for sure.

If possible, I’d like to see the sketch and the bitmap header
(and possibly the original bitmap file) that is causing the problem.

Anyway, lets move further discussion over to the glcd v3 beta thread.

— bill