GLCD and SD together

Hi Everyone,

I am using a Duemilanove to control a GLCD using the KS0108 library and an SD card using the SDUfat library. I need to update info from the SD card at start up into EEPROM periodically and use it to display on the GLCD. Because pins 10 and 11 are used by the GLCD and the SD card, I have a changeover relay so that these two pins go to the appropriate spot when either reading the SD card or displaying on the GLCD. Everything works fine except that when I read from the SD card, the GLCD display becomes garbled, regardless of whether I clear it or reset it. The only way to make the display right again is reset the Duemilanove. Anybody got any clues? Cheers

If you use the beta version of the new GLCD library you can change the definitions of any of the pins.

For example, if you connect glcd data pins 2 and 3 to Arduino digital pins 2 and 3, make the following change in the ks0108_Arduino.h configuration file:

define glcdData2Pin 2 // this was 10

define glcdData3Pin 3 // this was 11

You can find a link to the library in this thread: