Glcd (graphic lcd) connection problem (ABOUT Pins)

Hello friends

we have arduino rc3 uno .And we are working on glcds . we have couple questions

  1. which glcd library we should use? openglcd or others .Is it matter
  2. we have wg12864a tmı glcd. It has a 20 pins . Usually glcds have 18 pins. And we dont actually understand how to connect all the pins to Uno. Can you give us trustable source about these.
  3. csel1 and csel2 and DI what are those pins and where to connect them .
  1. I prefer openGLCD but... I'm the author. :slight_smile:

  2. ks0108 type displays have 20 pins.

  3. csel1, csel2 and DI are ks0108 glcd signals just like R/W d0, d1, E, etc...

openGLCD has lots of documentation.
There is lots of information on the repository page and you can download the full library including the html documentation from the downloads areas.
Start by reading all the information on the main page:

If you just want the html library documentation download the "DocOnly" zip image.

The html documentation includes a section on how to wire up a ks0108 display and which pins from the arduino board are connected to which glcd signals. (it varies depending on which arduino board you have)
--- bill