GLCD ks0108 coordinates problem


im using a glcd based on ks0108 with a mega 2560 and im running into a problem with the coordinates:
as i’m trying to print a string, i cant write on a whole line(128 ‘dots’), rather, i got a different coordination order as the one in the attached picture bellow

how can i fix this? is this from the library(im using glcd_ver3) or the wiring?

thanks a lot in advance.

p.s: i tried the screen with arduino uno and got the same problem.


I'm assuming you mean the left and right sides are swapped? This is a wiring issue. It is documented in troubleshooting section of the included html documentation. The chip select wires are backwards.

I would consider switching to openGLCD as it is actively maintained and has many bug fixes and improvements over GLCD v3.

--- bill