gLCD pin config from openglcd

hello sir,

I am using arduino mini and glcd 128*64 for my project..i only want to change the EN Pin of lcd to the

A6(NOT TO A4) can i config.h of glcd...because i need to run RTC on

arduino..which uses (A4 & A5 PIN)...?

how could I change default pin A4 to some other pin..I have just studied that it can be modified from config.h of openglcd library.. there are auto and manual config..files.what is the flow of changing pin A4 to some other pin ..I am new to the glcd..I am using ks0108 controlled is working fine on arduino mini while connected with A4..?

I am trying to display time and date on glcd display..for which I use Rtc ds 1307 and glcd 128*64..rtc worked on I2C .which requires A4 and A5 pins..and glcd also use A4 as a default Enable pin..but we can modify it in glcd..openglcd library..but don't know the procedure to do it..?