GLCD problem

Hello people,

Im currently trying to connect an remote LCD to enable me to view my energy monitor, i have been building my device , but when i try to upload the ‘Tester’ code but i am getting a error.

‘GLCD_ST7565’ does not name a type

As far as i know i have placed the files into the arduino library. so it should be able to find the files…

Here is a link so you can see what i’m building

Any help would be fantastic



tester.ino (6.05 KB)

I'm guessing that one of the errors before that is "GLCD_St7565.h file not found". Looks like the library is not installed or you didn't re-start the IDE after installing the library.

Thanks john

would you believe it when i unzipped the file it was a folder within a folder, so moved the individual files and hay presto working fine…

thanks for the direction