GLCD TFT Bezel Construction

This is yet another solution for LCD bezels. My project required a 7" graphics lcd / touchscreen mounted to a standard 19" metal rack panel. After cutting out the hole and mounting the glcd it looked ok to me but not good enough to show anyone else. So I looked around google - no luck, used cad to make paper and transparency bezels printed on a laser printer. Thin double sided tape worked fine to fasten to the panel. It looked ok but not professional - not even close. A local print shop printed some transparencies from a pdf file I supplied but it didn't look any better, Also tried the foam material adhesive and non-adhesive sheets available at Michael's craft stores. The foam would have looked good but the edges didn't cut smoothly when cutting with an xacto knife. Maybe mine was too dull. Anyway the solution for me came from a Michaels store that custom cuts photograph bezels or holders - don't know the proper name. I showed them the rack panel, glcd and a cad drawing showing exact measurements. They didn't need the drawing at all. Even though two of the LCD sides were uneven (made that way) they cut a great looking bezel with beveled edges on the inside around the glcd and fastened the bezel to the panel. It was made with a black core material but you can choose any color just make sure its a solid core color. Too much detail I know. So it made the project look nice enough for me. Cost $16 and took about three hours.