GLCD to Mega2560

Hi, I am having error "GLCD initialization Failed: RESET wait Timeout (status code: 2)" when running the GLCDdiags.

I have checked all my wirings as below

Mega 2560 pin LCD description LCD pin no. - Supply voltage (5V) 1 - Ground (0V) 2 - Operating voltage (variable) 3 22 ~ 29 Data bit 0 ~ 7 4 ~ 11 33 Chip select for IC1 12 34 Chip select for IC2 13 Not connected Reset signal 14 35 Read/ Write signal 15 36 Data/ Instruction signal 16 37 Chip enable signal 17 - Operating voltage (variable) 18 - Backlight power supply 19 - Backlight power supply 20

I keep getting the same display on my LCD…

Can anyone please help me?

I am using Mega 2560 with GLCD GDM12864HLCM

I have cleared the error "GLCD initialization Failed: RESET wait Timeout (status code: 2)" but now I got another error :

Diag Loop: 1 Initializing GLCD Displaying ChipSelect Screens Walking 1s data test Compare error: 0 != 10 TEST FAILED

Please help

These types of errors are almost always due to incorrect wiring.
A few questions:

  1. what did you change in the wiring that eliminated the RESET timeout?

You have not described how you have hooked up the contrast pot.
2) How have you hooked up the contrast pot?
What is hooked up to Vo (glcd pin 3) and Vee (glcd pin 18)

  1. can you post the full sequence of the diag output?
    From start to finish of 1 loop. It contains other useful information.
    (make sure to re-wire the glcd RESET as described below first)

Not all displays can work with the glcd RESET signal floating.
Most do but some require a pullup to vcc and some require a full reset transition
before they will initialize properly.
The easiest for now is to hook up a pin from the mega to allow the glcd library to
control the GLCD reset line.
Once things are working, it may be possible to eliminate this additional pin.
To enable s/w controlled RESET you must edit the pin configuration file.
It is in glcd/config/ks0108_Mega.h
You have to uncomment the glcdRES pin definition.
Change this:

//#define glcdRES         30    // Reset Bit

to this:

#define glcdRES         30    // Reset Bit

After you make that change run the diags and post the text output here.

— bill