glcd und i2C

Ich habe ein 128X64 Graphic LCD.
Ich würde gerne das Pin mapping der glcd Libary geringfügig ändern um den Analog PIN A4 wieder zur Verfügung zu haben.
Wie muss ich das anstellen?

An Pin A4 und A5 möchte ich dann einen I²C Port Expander 9535 betreiben um weitere I/O’s für Tasten etc. zur Verfügung zu haben.

grüße baschtler

I don't know any German so here is an English response:
I assume you are wanting to re-map a few pins. This is can be done
very easily if you are using the glcd v3 library from here:
It allows you to map any glcd pin to any Arduino/AVR pin.
You will need to edit the pin configuration file in

Where {board_type} is "Arduino", "Mega", or "Teensy" depending on
which board you are using.
You can use any pin for any function. Simply change the pin numbers as
Hope that helps.

--- bill

thank you - it works - now i can use PIN A4 and PIN A5 for an I²C Expander.


If you post in German in the international sections, please consider google translate (like this post)
It may not be 100% perfect but you will get more positive feedback,

Wenn Sie post in deutscher Sprache in der internationalen Sektionen, beachten Sie bitte google translate (wie dieser Beitrag)
Es ist vielleicht nicht 100% perfekt, aber Sie werden mehr positives Feedback bekommen.


You can also use PIN_Pb notation where Pb represents an AVR port and bit number.
For example: instead of using the arduino pin numbers you can specify the AVR port/bit
number directly.
#define glcdCSEL1 PIN_D3

Will assign this glcd function to AVR port D bit 3.

Can you give me a little feedback?
There is some information about this in the documentation. (both the pdf file and the HTML)
Was this mainly a case of language (english vs german) or was it
hard or difficult to locate in documentation?

Thank You,
— bill

Hello Rob.
I didn't find a German section so i write in German. But maybe you are right it is better to write in my "german english" and get more reply.

Hello Bill.
Now i read the glcd Documentation Line by Line an found the required Information.
The panel configuration file includes a board specific configuration file that specifies the
pins used for each specific board type.
The pin configuration file naming is a follows:
{PANELNAME} is the glcd panel type. (for example, ks0108)
{BOARDNAME} is the name of the board (as selected in the Arduino IDE).

Maybe a small Example would help to understand this a little better.
If my I²C Port Expander (A4,A5) runs together with my 128x64 GLCD (EN -> PIN D3) I will give you some Information again.