i am using 5" inch 800x480 TFT ssd1963 lcd with resistive Touch Shield for Arduino MEGA 2560 Library

i want to display image using FLASH ic W25Q128FVSSIG

MY question is where to connect this is on shield or lcd because both of them have space for that?

i tried with both place with library on SPIflash - Rinky-Dink Electronics but non of them work

should i have to make any other changes on hardware?

These colour displays are normally called TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
A monochrome 128x64 display is called GLCD (Graphical Liquid Crystal Display)

Post a link to your 40-pin display.
Post a link to your 40-pin Adapter Shield.

Someone might give you a sensible answer.



I suggest that you use the microSD for storage. You can read and write files.

Yes, you can mount the Flash chip. Does it have the WP pin hard-wired? There should be a schematic.
If the WP is write-protected, you have to program the chip in a clamshell before mounting on the pcb.

It seems wiser to mount a Flash chip on the Adapter board.
And use the microSD socket on the display board. You can't access the microSD on the Adapter.


So i have to put MicroSD card also ?

the schematic for flash ic as per this link

ER-AS-SSD1963—Arduino-Schematic-Diagram.pdf (198 KB)

Look at U8 on the schematic. /WP is 3.3V i.e. you can write to the Flash chip.
Follow the SCLK line. CLK on U8. Into B1 on U2. Out of A1 on U2. Select J5 to route it to your Arduino JP5 (ICSP header).

Do the same for FLASH_CS, SDO, SDI on U8.

I am sure that the Manual gives you instructions.

Mount the Flash chip. Make/break the relevant solder-bridges. The EastRising boards are very well designed.

Then test the Flash chip with examples from the third party Arduino library e.g. for W25Q128FVSSIG

Personally, I would test the microSD first. i.e configure the correct solder-bridges. Run examples from the official <SD.h> library.

When the microSD is working, I would try the Flash chip.
I do not own your screen or your Adapter.
I do have an EastRising Adapter for RA8875. I do own a Flash chip.

If you have a problem, I can mount the Flash chip on my Adapter board i.e. follow my own advice and walk you through the steps.


okay i will follow your instructions and let you know the outputs

i connect the ic as you said and solder J6,J4,J5 and desolder J1,J2,J3 as shown in schematic of adapter
and run one library and got the manufactures id 0xFF

but actually my flash ic having 0xef

Unplug the screen. Just have the Adapter Shield plugged into your Mega2560.
The microSD Chip-Select is on U2 and goes to digital#47 IO47 on JP1

So you can test <SD.h> examples with SD.begin(47)

FLASH_CS goes to digital#9 so any Flash library will use 9

I suggest that you print the schematic on paper. You will find electronics a lot easier when you can see where wires go. (and what jumpers do)
Yes, I have been viewing the PDF on the PC. It is difficult to follow all the traces.


thank you
first attempt worked by doing SPIflash myFlash(9); in code and got the basic manufacturer details etc