Glitchy display on SSD1289 dispaly

Hi guys,
I am currently trying to get to grips with a touch screen I purchased from ebay which is part of project for college. I am using a mega 2560
^^This is the screen i have been using
^^I have followed the hardware connection form this website

I will also attach the sketch i have been uploading.

Whenever I try to print out integers on the screen (trying to display a keypad) I get a really glitchy display, white lines coming down the screen, impossible to see anything.

When I comment out the integers the red boxes display perfectly.

Anybody know why this is?

Any help would be great

touch_demo_code.ino (1.84 KB)

AFIK, the SSD1289 is a 3.3V device. Your website makes no attempt to do any level-shifting.

Buy an Adapter Shield that fits on your Mega2560 and contains the level-shifting circuitry. And plug your screen into the Adapter.

No, I have not studied your board pinout or Adapter boards. You need to make sure that they match.