"global hello"

/* GlobalHello
 Echos a char value sent via USB input back to the terminal application.
 Initializes returning first keypress as identifier string.

const char* global_hello = "ARDUINO";
int charVal;

void setup() {

void splash(){  
  while (!Serial.available()){

void loop() {
  if (Serial.available()){
    charVal = Serial.read();
  if (charVal){
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);			// set LED on
      delay(5);					// wait
      Serial.write(32);				// space to obviate TX emanation 
      charVal = 0;
      digitalWrite(13, LOW);			// set LED off
      delay(5);					// wait

Nice echo program, is there any question involved? //otherwise you better posted it in exhibition section

Tip for expanding, let the LED blink the char in morse or #times the ascii value represents


It can be improved into a useful development/debug component, modified and retained. The splash is useful, responds to single key-press in the VB terminal.

It works well with a VB-compiled terminal I use as basis for configuration via USB.