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The firmware needs to be configured through Globals.h , configured for Arduino Mega 2560 R3

Globals.h (4.16 KB)

With just a bit more Information, you would be much more likely to get a useful Response...

Please don't reply via personal message. Others can't follow the thread that way. I already saw the attached .h file in the original post. I assume you are building a greenhouse?

In the personal message, you say you want it configured only for a Mega 2560. The code you are using requires that it be configured using their global.h library. I haven't used that code so I don't know if you Need to specifically #include a reference to globals.h or if they already built it into their library (which would be Standard methodology).

Without seeing your code and knowing what help you Need, we can't help you. Before posting code, reas the instructions about using the Forum at the top of the Forum and include your code the way it is specified there.

Then, I am sure someone here will be able to solve your Problem and get you started.