gloves tipped with sensors

I'm trying to experiment with a way of writing piano music that you basically 'pretend-play' on a surface with special gloves and that translates each 'touch' into some data that you can later look at and transform into something else.

I'm a software developer and don't have a lot of creativity with hardware. My question: Is there a better way of orchestrating this flow with respect to hardware choices than glueing piezo sensors on each fingertip and wiring it all up to an arduino that can send off those events to be stored (my first thought). I thought piezo sensors would be good because they can get the strength of each hit and I've worked a little bit with them before, but this just doesn't seem like a robust idea.

I'd also have to somehow capture the positions of each hit. I was originally thinking a giant touchpad (as long as a piano... somehow), but I'd have to use that with gloves to capture the strength of each hit.

It just seems like the wrong path. I know some electronic percussion instruments use pads that are sensitive to strength and area but I don't know what I can use to experiment and prototype.

I just need steered in the right direction!

Thanks Arduino community,

Force sensitive resistors might be useful. They are easy to read with an analog input, and some are small enough to put on a fingertip.

In a physical piano, and electronic keyboards as well, every key reacts on the applied force. You want to achieve a reduction of the number of required force sensors, by moving them into the gloves. That's an interesting idea, but I cannot imagine how such a reduction could really simplify things. In addition to the applied force, also the key pressed by a finger has to be identified, what again will require a huge number of key tags or sensors.

I don't know whether a touch panel could be used for the keyboard. Such panels usually are implemented as a matrix, what's not easily applicable to a linear keyboard. But I'm not experienced with such DIY panels, perhaps somebody else could suggest a possible solution.

Also passive RFID tags (or similar) could be used for every key, to be identified by a tag reader on every fingertip.