The glove is made-up by a microcontroller know as Arduino, 5 Flex Sensor, an accelerometer-gyroscope and an SoftPot Rotary Potentiometer.
Arduino is a single-board microcontroller. With Arduino can be achieved, in a relatively quick, simple devices that use sensors, actuators and communication with other devices.
The construction costs of the prototype have been 87 euro, an excellent price in comparison to the prices of similar products that will surpass 500euro. The glove sends data by the OSC protocol (Open Sound Control)
Among the main potential there is the possibility of recognizing, over the corner of the hand and its acceleration, the Pattern formed by the fingers.
The glove can be used in video-games for the pick up items, the skill of the ninja and it can be used in real life as the understanding of sign language by a computer or by speech synthesizer.

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Much as I would like to see this project I don't have Facebook (or access to it). Can you post it somewhere else?