machine learning API - free for beta users

Community, we need beta users to help us!

Machine learning is becoming ever more important for synthesizing and learning from data captured by connected devices, but solutions take time to build and are often challenging to implement in practice. At, we want to change that by making machine learning as easy as posting event data to the cloud. Our API consumes streaming data from devices like Arduino, via RESTful API, and is capable of returning predictions back to the device or a specified URL.

We are giving free beta access to the API for you to give us feedback on use cases that are important to you.

Here are some of our ideas for using on connected devices: 1. Multi-sensor anomaly detection and notification 2. Real-time analytics - post sensor data to and let us categorize it, compile it, and return statistics of usage. 3. Intelligent sensing - we have endpoints that can intelligently group multi-sensor data (with or without supervision) to estimate things like activity patterns or predict outcomes. 4. Collaborative data analysis and learning across networks of devices publishing to common public events.

To get free beta access, just sign up ( or ping us at and tell us what you want to do for you.


Mike and the team

To learn more about us, you can check out our site ( and our API docs (