Glucometer to Arduino

Hey Everyone,

I'm new with the arduino stuff, and I wanted to do a cool project. I have a FreeStyle glucometer. It comes with the software and all, so it gives me the info I want on the software, But I was wondering if anybody has ever hacked or played around with a glucometer. I want to make an app that takes the data from these glucometers and does beautiful data visualizations. For now I simply want to connect my arduino to glucometer and get the values off that way. Is it possible? Can somebody please point me to some resources or concepts on how should I get started on this at?

do you have a datasheet of the glucometer? please post

It's probably possible to tap-into the data going to the display. If you can open it up and find part numbers for the display and/or chip, that would be a good start. I doubt you'll find a schematic.

Then it would probably take quite a bit of experimentation to "crack the code" and make sense of the data. A digital oscilloscope would help, but you might need to build some sort of data probe to capture the raw binary data before you can figure-out how to decode the data and make use of it.

Not an easy project... I'd guess it's going to take a lot of patience and a hacker mentality to reverse engineer the thing.

It might be easier to rip the sensor out of one of these, do some research to find out how they work, and build your own from scratch with a data-port and any special features you want.

P.S. Of course, don't trust your health to a modified or home-built unit! Just use it for data-logging.

I gather that the interface on most glucometers nowadays is USB (have a couple of adaptors for the much older ones in my drawers), which means that the meter implements some sort of USB peripheral - not dissimilar and possibly functionally identical to the USB to serial TTL converter in the Arduino.

You would therefore need a USB "Host" shield to interface it. Whether you could figure out the protocol is another matter - while you say you have the "software" for it, I imagine this is software to run on a PC and gives you no assistance whatsoever in producing matching software for an Arduino. I gather there are some possible USB "sniffers" that can intercept and analyse data on a USB link, but it sounds an impractical approach. I very much doubt you can obtain any form of documentation of the protocol.