GM862 module & 50-pin breakout troubles

Hello All,

I am having some troubles with my GM862 module and it's 50-pin breakout from sparkfun.

I can succesfully get the module powered (via LiPo, and 5.2V 400mA charger which actually does charge the LiPo) .. and the status led works, drops to a slow blink as it's registered and goes solid when it gets a call.

Additionally I have managed to get the GPS TX/RX working .. first I got a good signal at 4800baud that shows where I am and since I transmitted the line to change it's baud to 9600.. and it did. Now these TX/RX operate at the same levels as the GSM TX/RX.

So I expect if I swap those TX/RX to the GPS TX/RX (except inverse the TX becomes RX and vica-versa .. for whatever reason .. but i've tried both ways around) .. it does not work.

I simply get no character flow, at all, back or forward, and have no Idea how to debug the issue.

The setup I'm using is 2x10K resistor voltage divider for the Arduino TX line and simple straight through connection with 47k pull-up to 2.8V(PWRCTL) for the output (as arduino happily excepts +2.8V signal .. just not a good idea to feed it to the GM862 hence the voltage divider.

I have spent a couple days messing with this module and I am completely lost .. following other peoples schematics/recommendations/etc.

Anyone got any ideas?

The only thing I've got left is to try connect CTS to ground per the manual recommendation but it also says its fine to leave it floating .. which every other person I've run accross seems to have done .. but will try ground it never the less.

Thanks, Trent

(meant RTS ... tried grounding that .. no change)