GM862 rssi indicator


I'm trying to read the RSSI from a GM862 and based on the value I want to light up 5 leds.

The at command is: AT+CSQ The response is: +CSQ: 99,99 OK

What I want to do is, control 5 leds based on the response. So for example if the response is +CSQ: 99,99. I want no LEDS lit. If the response is between +CSQ: 30,0 to +CSQ: 25,0 then I want 1 led lit, and so on. I want it to send this command every 5 seconds and update the led status.

i am new to arduino and only have a little bit of time to get this running. Any help will be appreciated. The only thing I was able to find was this but I am having a difficult time modifying the code to get it to work.

Thanks again