Gmail bandits

See we are having a problem again.

Had same thing on another site, we ended up banning gmail accounts .

Do many here use gmail for registering their accounts ?

What are you talking about

Most of the problem dick head spammers do not use Gmail accounts.

I do use a Gmail account.

What was the point you were trying to make?

I noticed a lot of spam this morning.

I wondered if there was a way of dealing with it easily.

On another one or two im a member of , some fairly severe measures had to be taken. I had to be vouched for by a member who knew me and my mail address personally. They also banned gmail accounts, which i occasionaly use.

I wondered if there was a way of dealing with it easily.

You, and the moderator who have to clear up.

If you have any ideas, please address them to the webmaster.

Most of the Indian charlatan spam seems to come from hotmail or yahoo, and I don't see those being banned any time soon.

Thanks, thats the current position.

Its a fairly low traffic site, moderated occasionally. Annoying when mods are not around though, cant accept new members, this anoys some.