GMS Voice Modem and Arduino Uno - Payed


I have got a demo project with a GMS voice modem and Arduino Uno.

Currently needed features: Serial communication, parsing strings and handling variables.

This demo-setup have got 2 push buttons. The final product should be a free library.

Please contact me via PM.

Regards, Maverick

Hi Maverick,

I'm not sure what you mean by the "free" library part. Are you saying that the demo uses a library that is not free and you're looking for someone to rewrite that part too?

Have you considered a GSM to VoIP gateway and a low cost / free open source PABX instead?


Hi Pet,

The final code, written by You (or others) should be on github. Free downloadable for everybody.

As it's simple serial communication, there is no lib used right now (bs SoftwareSerial).

Current task: sending and receiving AT commands via and write. Modem Set Up, parsing the string to get SMS text or CID.

The 2 buttons are for turn on/off (with millis) the device, pick up and hang up the Phone.

Regards, Maverick

Yes, it's payed, but obviuosly nobody is interested in this simple task.