GND problems

Wile is was messing around with leds a lead broke off and was shoved in the ground port next to the analog in ports . ihave know idea how to get it out tried a magnet,bobbypin and nothing . running an arduino duemilnove atmega 168 if that helps any :’( [smiley=undecided.gif]

Fine tweezers. Failing that solder a wire on the end and pull.

I was going to suggest sucking on the header really hard, but he'd probably actually try it and I don't want to be responsible for having a piece of metal rusting in someone's lung.

Thanks ill try that! ;D

If all fails, buy some female header and de-solder the ones with the broken tip and solder on some new ones. You will need a de-soldering iron or some desolder braids.

get some JB Kwi Weld or fast setting epoxy and touch another spare pin to it then carefully set it on top of the old pin (be careful not to get to much glue on it or you won't have to worry about ever getting it back out) let it dry then pull them both out