Goal: CAN BUS + GPRS + GPS + SD. How to get there?

Dear community,

I need your advice on selecting shields/components.

I want put a GPS and CAN data logger in my car. It will - be attached to the car's CAN BUS, reading and storing CAN info, - logging the GPS position in predefined time intervals, - and uploading some of that info to a server using GPRS.

So far, I have two Unos, a SIM5218E shield and the Seeed as well as the Sparkfun CAN BUS shields. Each component works fine on its own. But I wonder how I can bring them together. Can I manage to do all that with just one Uno? Or should I make one dedicated CAN Uno and one for GPRS? But then, how do I bring them together? If necessary, I can buy some extra shields and components.

Thanks for any advice!