Gobetwino and small basic


I'm new to the Arduino. I have written some sketches already that work fine; but I need help here. I'm trying to use the arduino in communication with my computer from where I'll give orders to it and receive results. I'm using Small Basic for the main Program of the application I want. I already downlaoded the Gobetwino soft to try to do it. The Arduino page sais ""..GoBetwino is free, comes with a detailed user manual, and sample Arduino sketches to show how it can be used... "" Where are these detailed user manual and examples???. I can't find them :( Help please.

Thanks, Adrian

When you downloaded an un-zipped Gobetwino did you not notice gobetwino\Gobetwino manual.pdf? Or gobetwino\samples?


Thanks. I already found it. I got kind of saturated with so much info when I started with Gobetwino thing … Sorry.