Gobetwino email recieve

Has anyone succesfully got gobetwino to link to email accounts? I have a gmail that I believe to be set up correctly, though I'm going through a router...

Help please? I have not get emails sent or recieved.

GoBetwino does not work with Gmail.

Gmail requires SSL connection to use POP3 functionality.

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Oh I see. Thanks for preventing me from wasting much time trying to get it connected.

Is there any free pop3 account servers available?

I really don’t know about free pop3 accounts.

I’m working really hard on getting SSL acces to pop3 accounts to work in GoBetwino, but the problem in a nutshell is that for SMTP (sending mail) i use the built in support in VB .NET. For some strange reason there is no built in support for pop3. So for pop3 i have to rely on the open source internet protocol library from the Indy socets project. In theory it should support SSL acces to pop3, but i have not been able to get it to work. What makes me a little pessimistic is that a whole lot of Googeling later, it seems that no one else has got it working under .net. But i never give up so i hope to find a solution at some time. :slight_smile:

Oh ok. Thanks for all your hard work by the way.

Has anyone else got this to work with some other email client?