Gobetwino - passing a value to an exe file

After 3 hours of frustration ( lack of understanding and knowledge on my part ) I need help please.

In gobetwino, I have created a command called VBGO and the path to the app is : C:\Program Files\arduino\VBcontrol\ArdLog.exe and put $1 as the command line argument.

I want to pass the string, received from the Arduino, to the exe file as a command line option. The vb app ( the exe ) is set to read the command line data on startup and do what it needs to do with the data.

In the Arduino sketch ( experimenting with a temperature sensor ), I am using :

float tempC1 = readTemperature(outsideThermometer); float tempC2 = readTemperature(insideThermometer);

Serial.print("#S|VBGO|["); Serial.print("Temp Out : "); Serial.print(tempC1); Serial.println("]#"); Serial.print("#S|VBGO|["); Serial.print("Temp In : "); Serial.print(tempC2); Serial.println("]#");

but in the gobetwino is says :

Commandstring received : #S|VBGO|[Temp Out : 28.50]# The parameters in the command #S|VBGO|[Temp Out : 28.50]# are not correct for the command type.

PLEASE help. Severely frustrated.

Sorry, but you can't.

You can only pass cmd. line parametres defined in the command in GoBetwino.

I have a new version under way that will do what you want.

Thanks for the reply MikMO So I would have to use the 'write to a log file' option ( to get the text from the Arduino to the PC ) and then start the executable ( with no command line options ) and have the exe examine the log file to get the text data ?