gobetwino - problem with 'sendk' command - just can't figure it out!

Hello helpful peeps

I'm having a problem getting the sendk command to work. I'm not particularly experienced with arduino or programming so any light-shedding would be really appreciated! Scenario: Arduino sends serial commands over usb to gobetwino.

Gobetwino receives sprid commands, successfully launches media files for playback in associated media players. (Win amp for wav and mp3, vlc for mp4 and mov )

Gobetwino gives process id

Arduino sends sendk commands to gobetwino using returned process id. (Ctrl+q for 'quit' assigned as shortcut in both programs, written as ' pid&^q' in sendk command string)

Gobetwino receives sendk command. Returns 'command parsed ok' executing commamd: sendk

then problems begin: Gobetwino then returns ' sending keys to process ... failed No process is associated with this object.' for win amp processes but returns a 'succeeded' message for vlc processes. However vlc does not respond anyway.

Both vlc and win amp respond to physical key presses however.

This was working fine for vlc when testing on my win 7 64 laptop. It is not working on the desktop win 7 32 system used in the project.

Using arduino mega 2560 and arduino ide latest version.

Have searched forum but can't find help.

Any ideas?

PS APOLOGIES for messy post - on my mobile.

Well I've figured out a workaround.

But it might be useful to somebody to be aware that the 'kill processes which exceed timeout period' option(settings/process menu) seems to affects sprid and spwex commands. Not just spwex as stated in manual!

Just wanted to say that I’ve been trying to fix this problem all day. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: