Gobetwino select search window in iTunes

Gobetwino can control iTunes. However selecting the search window was difficult. The iTunes shortcut key is ctrl-alt-F. Unfortunately the Gobetwino equivalent: Serial.println("#S|SENDK|[0&^%f]#") doesn’t work. I tried a lot of other ways to send ctrl-alt-F by Gobetwino but nothing works.

The other option is sending using the tab-key: Serial.println("#S|SENDK|[0&{TAB}]#"). This works but you have to send exactly enough tab’s to select the search field. One tab to much and you’re back in the main window. So it’s easy to loose track.

Trying random keys I found a solution!!!


Sending ctrl-i three times always selects the search field (most of the time one or two ctrl-i 's are enough, send it three times to be sure). In my experience this is the only way to securely select the search field. Now finaly I can rely on Gobetino to play the music of my choosing (see also my Gobetwino Music Server topic).


Nice discovery.

I will try to investigate why the ctrl-alt-F sequence doesent work.

Which verion of Windows are you running ?

I made some experiments last night, and it seems that you are right.

I can control all the parts of iTunes that use ctrl+somekey and those that use alt+somekey from GoBetwino. But using ctrl+alt+somekey doesent work.

I'm rather sure that GoBetwino is sending the correct data to iTunes, but i don't know yet if is is just iTunes that is acting up, or if it is a genereal problem with the underlying sendkeys windows function that GoBetwino uses.

I haven't found any other programs in my possesion that uses the ctrl+alt combination. So i haven't been able to test with anything but iTunes yet.

I will look more into this soon.

For months I have tried to make the iTunes play/pause function work. Gobetwino has no special command for the spacebar. I never thought the “space” is viewed as just any other character. But so it is. In my case I have the searchfield selected, typed a song title and than I want to start the song. First I have to leave the searchfield by sending a {TAB}:


Than send a start/stop:

Serial.println("#S|SENDK|[0& ]#"); // a “space” is just " ".

To stop/start a playing song is just the line above.