Hey Arduino Forum,

I have been working with the Arduino for 6 months now and today I discovered goBetwino! What a wonderful little program. But I cannot get it to work. The thing I want to do (which it not so hard using goBetwino I think...) is open a .mp3 file when somebody hits a button on a breadboard.
So this is my code:

int button=3;

void setup()
pinMode( button, INPUT);
digitalWrite(button, HIGH); // pull up resistor

void loop(){


This is a very simple program but if I run goBetwino (where i linked SOUND to a SPRID command that opens VLC player and then as an argument the file nothing happens. Just the status message saying that the COM4 port is open.

I must be making a stupid mistake. Has anybody got a clue?
thanks a lot!

Kind regards from Belgium,


I managed to solve this problem by using processing and the minim library. This topic can be closed.

You would not need to start vlc, you could just have started your mp3 file directly with the SPRID command. This would have launched your mp3 file with the default mp3 player in your system.